Imam Khomeini’s ideals must be promoted

Imam Khomeini’s ideals must be promoted

A senior cleric says serious efforts must be undertaken to promote the true image of Imam Khomeini’s personality, his thought, works and ideals.

The head of Isfahan branch of institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works said during a recent press briefing that further efforts were needed to promote the comprehensive and divine perspectives of Imam Personality.

He pointed out that the institute has been assigned with the following responsibilities.

  1. Collection of writing materials and documents about Imam
  2. To shield Imam’s academic legacy and works
  3. To conduct research into Imam’s books
  4. Preaching and promoting Imam’s ideals and thought
  5. To arrange and oversee discussions and roundtables about

He also went onto say that Imam’s thought, speeches, messages and works are not limited to timing or space, but can guide all Islamic societies through all ages and times.

Elsewhere in his remarks, pointing to the cultural significance of Isfahan, the cleric said that all art works and capacities of the city should be used to promote Imam’s personality and works.

The head of Isfahan branch of the institute concluded by saying that its main objective was to promote Imam academic, spiritual and divine legacy among the youths and all devotees.

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