German delegation visits Imam Khomeini mausoleum

German delegation visits Imam Khomeini mausoleum

A high-level German delegation has paid homage to the founder of the Islamic Republic by visiting his mausoleum.

The delegation, made up of 30 to traders and business men, visited Imam Khomeini’s shrine, which is located on the suburbs of the Iranian capital, Tehran. 

The visit comes after all illegal sanctions were lifted against Iran under an agreement between Tehran and the world powers. Several countries have showed interest to invest in various sectors of Iran’s economy following the adopting of the accord.

Iranian have undertaken serious efforts to become self-sufficient in all scientific and economy fields after the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979. 

Imam Khomeini announced to maintain amicable ties with all nations except those who insist on continuation of colonial policies towards developing and oppressed nations. 

Imam Khomeini’s divine doctrine promoted spirituality, divine values and democracy and encouraged massive participation of public masses in all fields and arenas.

Imam’s divine legacy continue to appeal the followers of all divine religions and oppressed people across the globe. 

It is notable that Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine has become a beacon of religious, spiritual and social gatherings.  Universities and libraries have also been established on the premises of the holy shrine.

The holy site is frequently visited by intellectuals, academic, tourists, high-level foreign delegations and a large number of pilgrims each years from across Iran and other parts of the world. 

Imam Khomeini’s divine and academic legacy will continue to next generations for centauries to come.

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