Islamic unity form viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

Islamic unity form viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini has been a great champion of the Islamic unity in contemporary history and he introduced merciful perspectives of Islam.

The founder of the Islamic Republic once said that he has been and would be taking serious efforts to create unity and solidarity among the Muslim Ummah.

Muslim scholar maintain that it is now responsibility of the entire Muslim community to spread and promote Imam’s universal message. 

I have always been stressing that all Muslims become united and confront the common enemy of the Israeli regime. All Muslim governments also should show soldiery with each other, and raise single voice because they follow the same religion and the divine book.   The enemies are taking benefits and misusing of the internal differences and conflicts among the Muslims. The colonial powers also want to see differences among us, Imam Khomeini once stressed.  

Imam also used to emphasize the clerics to promote solidarity among each other and the public masses as  the unity has been vital and essential especial in this age.

Dr Marvin Zoisar, an internationally-reputed American university professor has said in a recent interview that the revolution led by Imam Khomeini has been the most influential in creating unity among the Muslim nations and raising awareness and wakening among them.

The professor went onto say that Imam relived the Muslim form the colonial mentality. Imam told them that the religion doesn’t mean to perform the sole worship practices, but taught them that the religion and politics are inseparable. Imam proved that the religious decrees are to maintain justice in the society and he made it happen. 

This comes as several experts believe that the current wave of Islamic awakening and awareness among the Muslim nations have been inspired by Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought and ideals. 

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