Najaf holds summit on Imam Khomeini

Najaf holds summit on Imam Khomeini

An annual international summit reflecting Imam Khomeini’s divine personality and ideals has been held in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf.

The summit was organized with close coordination of several institutions, and was attended by several seminary and university figures, politicians, cultural personalities and diplomats, civilian and army officials from Iran, Iraq and some other countries. 

The orators and speakers stressed that the mobilization forces across Iraq have been a direct result of Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought and ideals.

 It is worth to mention that volunteer and mobilization forces across Iraq have been confronting militant and terrorist groups currently wreaking havoc across the Arab country.   

Addressing to the audience, the head of al-Huda regional center said that the head Imam Khomeini brought about great changes in the Qom and Najaf seminary system, and established an Islamic-democratic government in the interest of the Muslim ummah

The speakers also emphasized that Imam raised awareness among the Muslim nations to counter vicious plans by the colonial powers. 

Imam Khomeini had spent several years in Najaf while in exile. 

The colonial powers had saw the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in Iran in 1979 as an obstacle to their interests in the region. The revolution had resulted in collapse of the Pahlavi regime in Iran. 

Some Arab monarchies backed by some colonial powers had persuaded the then Iraqi dictator Saddam to launch an imposed war against Iran.

Imam Khomeini urged the Iraqi nation to rise up against the doctorial regime of Saddam and   denounced the crimes being committed by Saddam against Iranian nation and Iraqi people. 

Following the downfall of the dictatorial regime of Saddam in Iraq, Imam Khomeini’s works are increasingly becoming among Iraqi youth are subject to wide research at Iraqi institutions, universities and seminaries. 

Imam’s works have become parts of curriculum in several universities in several countries. 

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