Islam is religion of moderation

Islam is religion of moderation

The daughter-in-law of Imam Khomeini says Islam has been a divine religion which presents moderation.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabi, the daughter-in-law of Imam Khomeini says the divine religion of Islam represents moderation.

She stressed that Islam seeks human beings to be moderate and moderation should be manifested in their speech, practical conduct and actions.

The perfection and climax of this moderation has been manifested in the holy prophet of Islam, she added.

Dr. Tabatabi went onto say that the moderate person in its all grades is luminous, and provides constant sustenance. She concluded by saying that moderation has been one of significant characteristics of the divine-oriented perfect man.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabi cited several instances and examples form Imam Khomeini’s famous book titled “An exposition on hosts of intellect and ignorance” which contains mysticism treasures and precious discussions.

In the precious works, Imam Khomeini explains that how the human can find the way to salvation if hel makes let dominate the hosts of intellect dominates over hosts of ignorance.

According to Imam, wisdom and piousness are from hosts of intellect, while stupidity and greed or excessiveness belong to hosts of ignorance.

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic has had well command over several fields including philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, Quranic interpretation, Quranic and Hadith Sciences, poetry and literature and several other interdisciplinary fields.

Experts maintain that Imam Khomeini has been a mystic of high caliber and his ideals and dynamic thought are deeply rooted in Quran and Sunnah and other Islamic sources.

Imam revived the divine religion and promoted divine and moral values at a time when the entire world had been plunged into darkness.

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