Imam Khomeini presents deep interpretation of mystic concepts

Imam Khomeini presents deep interpretation of mystic concepts

Imam Khomeini has presented a very rational and logical interpretation of mystical concepts in his precious academic books and works.

Several of precious works such left by Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader contain deep insight and perception of several religious concepts.

Imam’s books such as "an exposition on Forty Hadith" and an exposition on “hosts of intellect and hosts of ignorance” contain unprecedented and matchless mystical discussions.

For an instance, Imam presents a very insightful and comprehensive interpretation of the concept of “reliance in God, the Almighty’. According to Imam’s views,  the reliance must go hand in hand with the observation of laws of nature and resorting to all sources created by the creator of the universe. Imam accepts reliance along with undertaking serious efforts and observing the rules.

Thus, sitting idle without doing any job or exerting efforts wouldnot be considered by any individual a sign of reliance. 

Imam has also presented a very comprehensive meaning of repentance.  He maintained the repentance can be genuine only in a case if it is compounded by correcting the mistakes of the past, pay God's dues justly and reviving the rights of others which were once violated by the repented person.

Imam Khomeini is considered a mystic of high caliber which has presented the mystic interpretation of religious concepts by resorting to divine sources such as Quran and Sunnah, and also makes vast use of logic and rationality.

Imam Khomeini’s divine and academic ligancy is becoming increasingly popular among intellectuals, academics and university and seminary figures in various parts of the world.

Imam’s dynamic thought and ideals are widely accepted and appreciated by followers of devotees and followers of divine religions.


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