Badreddine’s martyrdom to boost resistance

Badreddine’s martyrdom to boost resistance

The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, says its top military commander Mustafa Badreddine’s martyrdom will boost the movement's resolve to fight the extremist militants.

In a statement released on Saturday, Hezbollah said that Badreddine's killing will only boost Hezbollah's "will and intention to continue fighting these criminal gangs." 

The resistance movement also said that investigation shows Badreddine was killed by Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria, adding his death was caused by artillery shelling by the militants near the Damascus International Airport.

“Investigations have showed that the explosion, which targeted one of our bases …, and which led to the martyrdom of … Badreddine, was the result of artillery bombardment carried out by Takfiri groups in the area,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

The Lebanese resistance movement on Friday announced Badreddine's death and held a military funeral for him in southern Beirut.

This comes as fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement are combating alongside the Syrian government forces against Daesh, the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front and a range of terrorist groups operating across Syria.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s parliament speaker and several other senior Iranian officials have said that the assassination of Hezbollah’s Commander Badreddine merely would boost the determination of anti-Israel resistance front.

It is notable that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, in his speeches and messages frequently praised the Lebanese resistance movement against Israeli occupational agenda in the region. 


The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini strengthened the oppressed nations and defended the rights of Palestinians and other regional nations against Israel aggressive policies.

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