Imam Khomeini's sacred struggle for revival of Abrahamic Hajj

Imam Khomeini's sacred struggle for revival of Abrahamic Hajj

A significant part of the Imam's messages and statements on the subject pertains to the revival of the Abrahamic and Mohammedan (PBUH) Hajj pilgrimage.

Revival of religious thought is regarded as one of the most important concerns of His Eminence Imam Khomeini in the Islamic movement of the 1970's and prior to it.

From the beginning of his intellectual, social and political life, he considered the primary objective to be the need to explain the true Islam and rid it of its trappings of ignorance, rigidity and superstition.

He also reckoned transformation in people's beliefs and thoughts and their return to the original Islamic character to be the main factor of social and political action for changing the structure of totalitarian regime and laying the foundations of Islamic rule.

Imam Khomeini pursued the revival of religious thought - which he championed for years before the occurrence of the Islamic Revolution - as a sacred objective at the global level after the victory of the Islamic movement and founding the Islamic Republic system as well. He did not desist from pursuing it until the last days of his blessed life.

One of the dimensions and manifestations of Imam Khomeini's tireless effort and sacred struggle on the way to actualization of revival of religious thought was to revive 'the Hajj pilgrimage' by means of explaining and detailing its underlying philosophies, lessons, messages and societal and political effects.

Quite naturally, this overriding issue is actualized by explaining the Hajj pilgrimage's philosophy and its effects; by ridding this great worship ritual of its trimmings and superstitions and by defaming the colonial powers and their handpicked stooges in the Muslim-inhabited states.

At this opportunity, we examine a section of Imam Khomeini's great message on the subject. This section consists of three distinct topics, which we undertake to reflect upon each of them.

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