Imam Khomeini’s concept of unity will resolve crisis

Imam Khomeini’s concept of unity will resolve crisis

An intellectual says acting on genuine Islamic teachings and Imam Khomeini’s ideals of unity can resolve the ongoing crisis in several Islamic countries.

A Pakistani intellectual says resorting to genuine Islamic teachings and Imam Khomeini’s ideals of unity can resolve the ongoing crisis in several Islamic countries.

Our website has conducted an interview with Ashiq Hussian, a prominent Pakistani intellectual to know their views about the ideals of the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

It is notable that the academic has been among hundreds of foreigners attending this year’s ceremony of passing away of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview:

Question: Could you please introduce yourselves?

Answer: I am Ashiq Hussain from northern Pakistani region of Gilgit-Baltistan

Question:  How can Muslim countries overcome the ongoing crisis by resorting to Imam Khomeini’s thought and ideals?

Ashiq Hussain: Thank you for giving this opportunity to talk. Imam Khomeini was the leader of all Muslim and all men and women. It is source of inspiration for the people who want to be real follower of Islam.

Imam Khomeini strongly had a belief in unity among Muslims. He undertook serious efforts to unite the all men and women and to promote true concept of ideology of Islam across the globe.

Several Islamic countries including Iraq and Afghanistan are grappling with crisis. The only solution to get rid of these crisis is to act upon Imam’s guidance about unity among the Muslim world.

If we get united we will get stronger. It doesn’t mean that we will be soon able to compete western countries.  However, it can result in economic growth and progress of the Muslim nations.

 If we join together we can bring more power to Islamic countries. It was the dream of Imam Khomeini. And this is the only solution to get out of this trouble. 

Question:  How can media play a role to convey the Imam thought and ideals in your country?

Ashiq Hussain: Media has an important role in today’s world, particularly social media and electronic media that have vast effect on people’s life. I think it’s very good source to make connection among people.

 Media is one of the best source to get across the message of Imam’s unity among the public masses.

Question: How Imam presented the real meaning of Islam and other genuine teachings?

Shamshad Hussain: There is a need to promote real concept of Islam as introduced by Imam.  Some groups across the United States and some other countries have launched a smear campaigned of demonizing Islam and Muslims. I have experienced it during my visit to the US.  

Question:  How did imam’s character inspired Muslims and people all around the world?

Ashiq Hussain: Imam Khomeini was indeed a great leader he reshape ideas in people mind. He reshape the true philosophy of Islam. He not only presented the real face of Islam but also made its principles practical in his own life.

The principles mean the simplicity, equity equality, better systems, sense of honor ship, and unity of Muslims. This was the strong quality of his character. This was the source of inspiration for others.

I myself inspired by true principles of Imam, the way he lived and simple life, it means he lived in two rooms, it was unbelievable for men who leads the countries.

 Question:  As a final question how do you describe Imam just in few words?

Ashiq Hussain: Imam Khomeini was spiritual leader a leader who reshape ideas in minds of many people and changed life of many people and changed the globe with the philosophy of Islam and I think he was a great leader.



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