Public’s deep love for Imam Khomeini boosts unity, security

Public’s deep love for Imam Khomeini boosts unity, security

A grandson of Imam Khomeini says the Iranian society’s deep love and devotion boosts national unity and security.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, said during a recent address that public’s deep love and affection for the late founder of the Islamic Republic should be considered as a national asset and capital.

The internationally-reputed scholar went onto say that mass public’s fondness for Imam Khomeini could also boost national unity and security.

Ayatollah Hassan Khomeini made remarks while addressing environmental officials and workers at Imam Khomeini’s holy mausoleum which is located on the outskirts of the southern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini led the Islamic revolution to victory in 1979 by reliance on God, the Almighty and with the support of people.

Imam once during a historic address described himself as a servant to nation.

Imam’s divine-oriented knowledge and wisdom and his simple life style continue to attract attentions of millions from across Iran and other parts of the world.

Imam’s ideals and thought are becoming increasingly popular among followers of all divine religions and the oppressed nations by the passage of time, and will continue to guide future generations.







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