Imam Khomeini stressed to promote medical ethics

Imam Khomeini stressed to promote medical ethics

Dr. Gholam Reza Bateni, a member of Imam Khomeini’s medical team says Imam Khomeini recommended doctors to observe medical ethics.

Bateni said that Imam Khomeini acknowledged doctors’ specialization and authority in their relevant medical fields, and the late founder of the Islamic Republic himself used to follow the experts’ instruction accurately about medication or nutrition.

The medical expert said that Imam recommended and advised doctors to observe and undertake medical ethic and moral while treating patients.

He went onto say that medical ethics has been expanded in recent years and turned into a full-fledged field in several countries across the globe.

Bateni pointed out that many doctors have enough capabilities to earn satisfaction of patients with regard to treatment, but sometimes they fall short of fulfilling ethical excellence.

The medical expert suggested that it would be much better that if ethical codes are systematically taught to the medical students at the universities.

It is worthy to mention that victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini resulted in progress and development of Iran, and changed balance of power in the interests of developing and oppressed nations.

Iran made progress in several fields including education and health following the victory of the revolution.

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