Muslims must unite against Saudi crimes

Muslims must unite against Saudi crimes

Iranian president has called on the Muslim world to bring the Saudi regime to justice for its atrocities in Muslim countries of the Middle East.

“The countries of the region and the Muslim world should take concerted efforts aimed at resolving the existing problems and punishing the Saudi government,” President Hassan Rouhani said.

Highlighting Riyadh’s support for terrorism, the president stressed that the Saudi regime is “practically spilling the blood of Muslims in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen through its crimes in the region.”

The House of Saud is accused of providing ideological and financial support to the Takfiri terrorists, who have been sowing death and destruction in Iraq and Syria in recent years.

Saudi Arabia , where radical Wahhabism is freely preached by its clerics, has also been waging an indiscriminate military campaign against Yemen since last year.

Saudi aggression has killed around 10,000 Yemeni people, mostly civilians, in the Arab world’s most impoverished nation.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani further lambasted Saudi regime authorities for their “tactlessness and ineptitude” in overseeing the Hajj pilgrimage last year.

Thousands of Muslim pilgrims, including 465 Iranians, died in a human crush last year.

“The Iranian government and the Islamic Republic’s establishment will never let the blood of martyrs go wasted and will keep up its legal and political efforts to restore their rights,” the Iranian president stressed.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his historic speeches and messages exposed crimes being committed by Al Saudi against entire Muslim world.

Saudi regime forces also killed hundreds of pilgrims, including a large number of Iranians in 1987. 

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