Imam Khomeini, a brave leader who confronted evil

Imam Khomeini, a brave leader who confronted evil

An internationally-reputed scholar says that Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, has been a brave leader who confronted the evil in contemporary history.

 The scholar has been among foreign guests who attended this year’s passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeiniin the Iranian capital, Tehran.

What comes following is a rough transaction of the interview:

Q: Would you please give us a short introduction of yourself

A: My name is AbdolMonaf Ghelzey, I was born in Pakistan but I live in Germany, I’m a graphic designer and also we publish a magazine named “The message of Salvation”

Q: How did you get to know Imam’s character and personality and his movement and thought?

A: Never in my life I can say, I’ve met such a brave character daring to confront the Evil in the area, what I see in the films about his behavior with his family and especially common people, he was so kind and humbly treated them in the position of a leader, it is the signification of a real brave character to me, I can say that for me he is the most unique leader who can’t be compared. 

Once I saw a British or American documentary named “A man who changed the world”, of course they featured the life of Imam Khomeini in a different point of view, but still with the effort to mislead the regard of the audience, you can see the kindness in his character, he changed the world politically and he also changed the life-style of the whole world, I strongly believe I cannot find a word to describe his great personality, he is a real follower of the Holy infallible Imams and Maasumin (Peace be upon them).

Q: I’m sure you noticed the problems of the Muslim world, do you think following the footsteps of Imam Khomeini would help us overcome all these problems, how?

A: As we all know there is a vast propaganda in the western and also many eastern media against Imam Khomeini, they also won’t let people know the reality about Imam Khomeini’s character.Unfortunately even we see it in the eastern Muslim countries.

My answer to your question is Yes, because the only way for the salvation of the nations is in Islam and the thought of the precious Masoumin (the holy prophet and his infallible successors) and in our era, no one else can be found who completely follows the Masumin but Imam Khomeini, the only way for all of us to live in peace with all the nation is the pure religion that imam Khomeini showed that is the only way and I think its crystal clear to all of us and I think if only people can get to know the real Imam Khomeini then many problems would be solved.

Q: How is the media function in featuring the Imam’s thought in the country you are living? You must be familiar with it by publishing a magazine!

A: In every country the media is under the control of the government and laws, there in Germany we try publish the reality about every problem and any thought, but our aim is to show the truth about Imam Khomeini’s precious character. 

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