Imam Khomeini mausoleum hosts Quranic session

Imam Khomeini mausoleum hosts Quranic session

A Quranic gathering has been held at the late founder of the Islamic Republic’s holy mausoleum which is located on the southern suburbs of the Iranian capital Tehran.

The gathering was attended by Quranic reciters, intellectuals, scholars and people from various walks of the society.

In recent months, several Quranic study circles, sessions and gatherings have been held at the holy site to promote Quranic recitation and concepts and to encourage believers to deeply ponder over and meditate in Quranic comprehension. 

Imam Khomeini’s shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims, tourists, intellectuals and scholars from across Iran and different parts of the globe each year.

Imam Khomeini, leader of contemporary Muslim world, has had well command over a range of Islamic disciplines such as philosophy, jurisprudence, Hadith, Quranic sciences and literature and poetry.

A group of researchers have recently extracted a 5-volume exegesis from Imam’s Quranic works.

Several of Imam’s theological works have become parts of curriculum of international universities and seminary across various parts of the globe. Imam’s works are also considered by researchers as treasure of mysticism and moral and are useful for followers of all divine religions.

The victory of Islamic revolution in 1979 under wise leadership of Imam elevated Iranians intellectually and scientifically and raised awareness among oppressed nations.

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