Nation’s determination to confront colonial powers

Nation’s determination to confront colonial powers

The late founder of the Islamic Republic frequently denounced conspiracies being hatched by colonial powers against the Iranian nation.

Imam Khomeini in a historic speech also censured the certain colonial powers who had given shelter to Shah after downfall of the Pahlavi regime in Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Imam praised the Iranian nation for staying firm and steadfast, and facing hardships with bravery and patience. The leader of the contemporary Muslim world stressed that plots by colonial powers will backfire against them and unfolding developments will ultimately be concluded in the interests of the Iranian people.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam also assured the people that whenever they are working for divine cause, they will eventually overcome against all mischievous and vicious acts of the colonial powers. The text of the historic speech comes as following:


Date: December 02, 1979 (Azar 29, 1358 AHS/ Muharram 30, 1400 AH)

Place: Qum

Subject: The invincibility of divine movements; the nation's steady determination

Audience: The commanders and personnel of Qum Islamic Revolutionary guard corps Victory resulting from perseverance and stability

My dear young men! Stay strong as God is your protector.

Today, you are like the warriors at the beginning of Islam. It is as though you were fighting next to the Great Prophet of Islam against the infidels. In the same way that they overcame the enemy, strong as it was, you will, too. Victory will be guaranteed if your aim is God, if your destination is Islam, and if you plan to implement the Islamic commands. Whatever frenzied movements the enemy has resorted to and whatever foolish things they are engaged in things will turn out to be in our interest.

They assassinate our men hoping to frighten us. But instead what they see is our men's bravery. God has deprived them of their wisdom so that what they do are against themselves. They have given refuge to the deposed Shah who has kept us behind the world civilization and has committed numerous crimes.

They are keeping him only to pretend to their nations that they are philanthropists. All these have turned out against them, however. This is because the nations are vigilant. They know the nature of these superpowers. Because of our nation's perseverance and insistence, they could no longer keep the Shah and had to expel him. Of course, in his new abode, the Shah is still under their protection.

They are not, however, aware of the fact that our nation is ready to carry on with its movement. Our adversaries are doing things which they think are to their benefit, but, they will backfire on themselves.

Sahifeh ye Imam, vol11, Page: 272

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