Takfiri terrorism rooted in Wahhabism

Takfiri terrorism rooted in Wahhabism

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman BahramQassemi has said Riyadh’s support for terrorists is the source of chaos in the Middle East.

The Iranian diplomat said that Takfiri terrorism is undoubtedly rooted in the radical ideology of Wahhabism, which is practiced in the kingdom

“Saudi Arabia has created chaos in the region through its organized support for Takfiri and terrorist groups,” Qassemi said.

The Iranian spokesperson stressed the need for Saudi Arabia to rectify its approaches for the sake of tranquility and global peace and 

He went onto say that Riyadh regime is regarded as the “cause of bloody crimes against Arab nations of Syria, Iraq and Yemen”. 

This is while it has also “committed treason against Muslims, particularly the Arab world and the cause of the Palestinian people” by siding with the Israeli regime, he noted.

The Iranian spokesman pointed out that different reports by Western intelligence agencies have “repeatedly confirmed that there is a meaningful and organized connection between Saudi state bodies and Takfiri extremists across the world.”

Qassemi dismissed as blame game the recent anti-Iran allegations made by Prince Salman.  “Instead of such fruitless blame game [efforts], Saudi statesmen had better move to rectify their approach and attitude and think about the consequences of their destructive policies and measures.” 

Saudi regime is widely believed to be among major sponsor of terrorism.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic revolution frequently exposed conspiracies being hatched by ruling House of Saud against Muslim Ummah.

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