Imam Khomeini stressed to safeguarding unity of expression

Imam Khomeini stressed safeguarding unity of expression

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution once stressed in a historic speech that people from villages to the capital have rejected the foreign-backed Pahlavi regime.

Imam made remarks in the speech which was delivered after his historic return to Iran following spending a period of more than 14 years in exile.

The great leader of the contemporary Muslim world underlined the necessity to safeguard unity of expression and putting aside differences in order to further the objectives of Islamic revolution.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam also said that the reconciliation between religious seminaries and universities has been accomplished under the banner of the revolution.

Imam also concluded by saying that the united Iranian nation has blocked and prevented foreign and colonial meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

The text of the speech comes as following:


Date: February 1, 1979 [Bahman12, 1357 AHS/ Rabi` al-Awwal 3, 1399 AH [

Place: Rifah School, Tehran

Subject: The achievements of the Revolution; conspiracies under the name of nationalistic slogans

Addressees: Members of the Welcoming Committee

 In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful The secret of victory

... Up until the time that God, the Blessed and Exalted, wills so, it is impossible for mankind to achieve this unanimity. You are aware, you, who were here in Iran know better that all over the country, from the remotest village to the capital, everyone rejected this dynasty (Pahlavis) with one united voice and heart. Children who have just started talking, youngsters as well as old men are saying the same thing. God is with this congregation. My brothers, safeguard this unity of expression. The secret of your victory is this unity of expression. Put your differences aside.

Theology school and university solidarity: the greatest victory

I consider the reconciliation between the theological schools and the universities the greatest victory so far achieved. Even if we had not achieved any other victories, the fact that we have brought the clergy and the universities closer, and understanding was reached ... And the treacherous hand that had kept these two groups in disparity for a long period has been severed, is of great importance. Thank God that the clergy have understood that the university people are not what the foreigners claimed they were. Likewise, both the youth and the university students have understood that the clergy are not the way they) the Shah's regime (had depicted them. They were hankering to sow the seeds of discord among the nation and plunder all that it has and once more throw it in disarray, as a result of which it would be in disunity and oblivious of its own interests. You, the nation of Iran, have proved that with the unity of expression you can cut off the hands of the foreigners) from our land (; you have severed the hands of this tyrannical king, the hands of this oppressive Muhammad Rida, who wanted to divest our country of all its existence.

Sahifeh ye-Imam, vol6, Page: 21

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