US court rejects to restore Trump’s ban against Muslims

US court rejects to restore Trump’s ban against Muslims

A US appeals court has rejected the President Donald Trump’s administration’s request to immediately restore its controversial travel ban on Muslims.

A US travel ban ordered by the Trump administration remains suspended after an appeals court denied a request by the Justice Department to restore it. The administration of new president has announced that it would comply with a federal judge's order halting its travel ban.

The request has been made by the White House on Friday after a federal judge ruled to lift President Donald Trump’s prohibition on the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The ruling means that US borders will remain open for all visa holders until the administration can further argue its case before the court.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans have taken to the streets across the US to voice their anger against President Trump’s policies. The protesters chanted anti-trump slogans and condemned his travel ban on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

They expressed solidarity with immigrants and condemned Trump’s plan for building a wall along the US-Mexican border.

Similar protests also took place in several countries including Australia, Britain, and Indonesia. Trump’s harsh policies against minorities had caused global outrage in recent weeks.

Worldwide anger against the US president’s travel ban shows no signs of abating with protests spreading to Canada and Hong Kong.

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the Canadian city of Toronto carrying placards welcoming refugees and calling for Trump’s impeachment. Canadians have held numerous rallies ever since the US president issued the controversial decree.

In addition, migrant workers in Hong Kong marched through the city to vent their anger at Trump's travel ban. They gathered in front of the US consulate and chanted anti-Trump slogans.

Thousands of protesters in the British capital London also called for global pressure on the White House to scrap Trump’s anti-immigration policy altogether.

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