Imam Khomeini, leader for entire Muslim world

Imam Khomeini, leader for entire Muslim world

A Pakistani journalist says Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, had been a leader for the entire Muslim world.

He also said that Imam Khomeini undertook serious efforts to create unity among the Islamic world and opposed to all types of sectarian strifeamong the Muslim societies.

Our website has conducted an interview to know his views about a range of issues. The following is the rough transcription of the interview with the intellectual:

Question: Would you please introduce yourself?

Answer: My name is Imran Ali and I work with a news agency in the Pakistani southern port city of Karachi.

Question: How did you become familiar with Imam’s ideas and which of the attributes and qualities about Imam you like the most?

Imran Ali:  After reading some of Imam’s works and becoming familiar with his dynamic though, someone can easily jump to this conclusion that Imam Khomeini had been a great leader for the whole Muslim world. His path had not only been restricted for certain sect. He undertook serious efforts to enhance unity among Muslims and warned about the dangers of sectarian strife. Imam also described disunity as a main factor which was hindering the progress of Muslim societies.    

I have visited Iran for the first time and noticed that Iranian people are true Muslims. They are patriotic and love their country and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

Question: How could media of the Muslim countries could play a role in order to confront conspiracies being hatched against Islam and Iran?

Imran Ali:  The Islamic system in Iran has been a great support for the Muslim world. Following the footsteps of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, senior Iranian authorities have urged Muslims to put aside their differences and tried to unite Muslims. This is something which is not liked by the foes of Iran and Muslims. At this stage, Islamic media can play a decisive role by reflecting truth and realities.

Question: why did Iranian nation put its trust in Imam Khomeini’s personality?

Imran Ali:   There is no doubt that Imam Khomeini had enjoyed a great support from the Iranian public. Imam’s main objective had been to establish an Islamic-democratic system. Imam raised his voice what had been un-Islamic or inhumane.  The people also stood by and supported him as they found him honest and sincere person someone who acts whatever says.

Question: Imam Khomeini declared International Quds Day in order to show solidarity with oppressed people, what is your opinion in this regard?

Imran Ali:  Wherever there is injustice, it is Iran which raises its voice. Iran has showed great interest in the Palestinian issue and should become a role model for other Islamic countries in this regard.  It is duty of all Muslim countries to speak in support of Palestinians and al-Quds just like Iran.

Question: Would you like to describe Imam in a single phrase or expression?

Imran Ali:   Imam Khomeini had really been a great leader

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