All nations should be treated justly

All nations should be treated justly

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution once said in a historic interview that Islamic Republic seeks to maintain amicable ties with all nations and that they all should be treated justly.

Imam in the historic interview with international media outlets stressed that it were some colonial powers that were responsible for disturbing calm and peace.

At that sensitive juncture of history, Imam held the US government responsible for sheltering Shah who had betrayed the Iranian nation by practicing dictatorial policies, committing massacres against people and forcing intellectuals into exile.  

Imam demanded all colonial powers to stop committing mischievous acts against the Iranian nation.

Following the footsteps of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Iran has maintained amicable and friendly ties with nations on the principle of mutual respect.

The text of the interview comes as following: 

Q: Your reverence: The political relations between Tehran and Washington are very critical at the moment, especially now that the university students have captured the American Embassy. In your view, how should these relations is existed?

A: In my view, the Americans instigate all these crises. Based on our guardians' instructions and guidelines, Muslims look at all nations with the same judgment: all of them should be treated justly.

However, it is the United States, which does not allow for the maintenance of such peace and calm.

America gave refuge to a criminal (i. e. the Shah) who betrayed his country for fifty years, who massacred our youth on the roads by his orders, imprisoned, killed, displaced, and exiled our intellectuals and scholars.

Now the Americans are keeping the Shah's household in a secure location and respect his family members while treat with the Iranian youth harshly who demonstrate against this in America.

This is the reaction of such deeds, which persuaded the nation to strike against the Embassy and perform such actions.

The responsibility refers to America itself. The American Embassy used to carry out sequences of plot after plot for the last decades.


Now we have discovered their conspiracies.


 Despite of all these plots, it cannot be whispered that the nation should tolerate these disruptors and remain silent.


While they perform what they desire, therefore, United States as the main instigator is paying back what wrongs they had committed against us during these last decades. We will not tolerate their mischief anymore.


 The Americans should realize that the time for these tyrannies has passed and that they should be more mindful. If they carry out more mischievous acts, then we cover some plans, which can harm their interests.


Sahifeh,  vol11, Page: 6

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