Muslim team distributes books about Islam in Venezuela

Muslim team distributes books about Islam in Venezuela

A Muslim academic group known as Daily Advocacy activities team in several cities across Venezuela has distributed books and talked to people about Islam.

The team distributed pamphlets and books for free to people and talk to them about the mercy of Islam, AhlulBayt News Agency reported.

Members of the team invited them to embrace Islam, it added.

Daily activities and constant for the center of Tawasul Venezuela is spreading the principles of Islam through books and brochures.

The group has responded to queries and questions from the audience from various walks of life in Venezuela.  Sources say the people was very interested and made a lot of questions.

It is worthy to mention that victory of Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini spread awareness and awakening about Islam.

Imam Khomeini at sensitive juncture of history revived divine teachings and spread moral values when the societies had been plunged into decline.

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