Summit on Imam Khomeini held in Iranian city of Qom

Summit on Imam Khomeini held in Iranian city of Qom

The holy Iranian city of Qom has held a summit on Imam Khomeini’s scholarly and jurisprudential thought and ideals.

The summit titled “Imam Khomeini and Qom’s jurisprudential school of thought” was attended by scholar, intellectuals, religious figures, clergymen and university and seminary professors.

Addressing the academic gatherings, speakers highlighted Imam’s thought regarding a range of topics and analyzed Imam’s stance on various issues.

They also explored Imam’s views and his conduct practiced after the victory of Islamic revolution under his wise leadership and establishment of Islamic-Republic.

The scholars concluded by saying that the Islamic revolution had been accomplished after numerous sacrifices and stressed unanimously on protecting and shielding the Islamic values.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic has had well command over several disciplines of knowledge and left several theological works covering philosophy, jurisprudence, Quranic and Hadith Sciences and poetry and literature.

Several of Imam’s jurisprudential theories are being explored and his works have become part of curriculum at the world reputed universities and seminaries.

The Islamic Revolution put Iran on track of progress and changed balance of power in the interests of oppressed nations at a sensitive juncture of history.

Imam’s works and ideals continue to attract audience from among the all divine religions.

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