Imam was blessed with sense of humor, liked some of TV drama serials

Imam was blessed with sense of humor, liked some of TV drama serials

One of the grandson of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution recalls one of favorite drama serial which was adored by Imam.

Ali Ishraqi, one of Imam Khomeini’s grandson said that Imam was blessed with great moral excellence and had also great sense of humor while with family members.

Ishraqi recalls that he used to repeat some of dialogues for Imam of the serial titled “I was again late for school” which was broadcast by national TV at that time. Akbar Abdi was one of the favorite character working in the serial.

It is worthy to mention that the Iranian national broadcast, media and press made significant progress after the victory of Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini. It also broadcast a variety of entertainment programs.

Imam had recommended that the media should become a source of awareness among public and give fair coverage of issues and incidents taking place around the globe.

In recent decades, Iranian media was expanded and dozens of radio and TV channels are covering various topics and issues in Persian and several foreign languages, and have found a wide range of audience abroad as well.

The Islamic Revolution put Iran on track of progress and strengthened the oppressed nations around the globe.

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