Imam Khomeini in his book Kashfol-Asrar defended Islam, spirituality

Imam Khomeini in his book Kashfol-Asrar defended Islam, spirituality

Imam Khomeini in his famous book entitled Kashfol-Asrar had strongly defended Islam and spirituality.

The valuable book entitled Kashfol-Asrar by Imam Khomeini contains a deep insightful discussions about decisive religious and political matters.

The book was written by Imam Khomeini at a very sensitive juncture of history when conspiracies were hatched and a poisonous propaganda had been launched against religious teachings by the Pahlavi regime and its backers.

In what is considered to be Imam Khomeini's first public political statement, Imam wrote and published a book entitled Kashfol-Asrar in which he revealed the crimes of the 20-year monarchy of Rida Shah.

The book is essentially a detailed, systematic critique of an anti-religious tract, and in defending Islam and spirituality, Imam refutes the deviatory sophisms employed by the author.

It is in this book that the idea of an Islamic government, and the need for an uprising to establish this, is propounded.

The book also contains discussions on several fundamental principles such as monotheism, prophethood, Imamat and contains a wide range of social, cultural, historical and political discussions.

The great Imam is said to have written Kashf –al- Asrar in response to a pamphlet written by Ali Akbar Hakamizada in 1943.

Hakamizada’s pamphlet called as  Thousand -Year Secrets (Asrar i  Hizar Sala ) aimed at  spreading anti-Islam propaganda.  Hakamizada and some of his comrades were  being employed and supported by the then monarchy Pahlavi regime.

The victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in Iran revived the divine teachings and strengthened the oppressed nations across the globe.

Imam has had well command on several disciplines of knowledge including philosophy, mysticism, Jurisprudence, Quranic and Hadith science and literature and poetry.

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