Spirituality remains foremost feature of Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution

Spirituality remains foremost feature of Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution

Pundits believe that spirituality and reviving divine teachings remain foremost feature of Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, has been in the ranks of divine spiritual leaders and contemporary men of philosophy and wisdom.

In addition, Imam has been also considered a high-caliber administrator of the religious society following the victory of Islamic Revolution under his leadership in 1979.

The victory of Islamic Revolution at a sensitive juncture of history revived the genuine divine teachings and changed a political landscape of the world and brought about changes to the balance of power in the strategic region of Middle East.

 By leading an Islamic Revolution under his leadership, Imam had changed the course of history and set a formidable, amazing and miraculous wave into motion.

The pundits maintain that abundant dimensions and horizons of the Islamic Revolution under his wise leadership has yet to be identified and must be reflected upon and pondered.

Observers conclude that the spirituality undoubtedly remains as important and pivotal aspect of the Islamic Revolution

Imam cannot be remembered simply as a leader of a political and social revolution as his personality is a multifaceted and complete one.

Therefore, the focus should also be on his spiritual dimension, spiritual nature, expertise and religious leadership as well.

Thus the foremost feature of the Imam and the Islamic Revolution of Iran must be deemed to be spiritualism.

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