Imam Khomeini asserted moral refinement

Imam Khomeini asserted moral refinement

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, through his theological works recommended believers and faithful people to decorate themselves with divine characteristics and virtues.

From the Imam Khomeini viewpoint, the possibility of moral refinement always exists and is present as long as man is alive.

Although this possibility of reform diminishes gradually, it never ceases to exist.

Imam has time and again emphasized on this fact that one can always speak of nurture and reform.

Therefore, the men could relieve themselves of moral decline by undertaking serious efforts. The world is the source of the tree of primal matter with its substantial, formal, and accidental changes and transformations.

According to Imam, the man who delivers himself from all levels of deficiency, wretchedness, polytheism [shirk],and hypocrisy and attain the higher levels of perfection and spiritual felicity.  

Imam states that it is possible for men to transform all his attributes and moral characteristics as long as they exist in this realm of transition and change.

The only thing is that the effort required to throw bad habits off varies with the degree of their strength and intensity.

A bad habit in the early phase of its formation, of course, requires only a little self-discipline and effort to eradicate it. However strong his habits may be, as long as he is living in this world he can quit them.

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