Imam Khomeini’s spiritual heritage, mystical and divine aspects

Imam Khomeini’s spiritual heritage, mystical and divine aspects

Imam Khomeini’s spiritual heritage alongside all those political, social, historical and cultural perspectives have left a deep impact across various parts of the world

Pundits have observed many of these spiritual, mystical and divine aspects of Imam’s personality.   

The stance and method of the Imam in life was absolute adoration and sole submission to the Exalted source. His heart was drawn towards devotion to Him and he had surrendered his heart to Him.  

In this way politics also becomes the same as piety and spirituality.

According to Imam, the harsh face of politics and administration is combined with the fascinating and peaceful face of spirituality, mysticism and piety .  

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works states that creation and existence of man is to attain absolute adoration.  

Having command of the self was an experience that the Imam had practiced since his youth.

Leaning on spiritual objectives at all stages of management and administration was among the unique attributes of the Imam.

Imam had leaned on spiritual objectives in all ups and downs, defeats and victories, wars and peace.

Resistance and steadfastness had originated from his faith and self-esteem.

These virtues kept him unflinching and firm at all times and these qualities had been the cause of the composure, firmness and resistance of other authorities and administrators of the Islamic-republic system as well. 

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