Divine Savior will relieve mankind from deviations, stressed Imam Khomeini

Divine Savior will relieve mankind from deviations, stressed Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution had time and again stressed that divine savior would prevail justice and correct all deviations among human societies.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his historic speeches and messages said that emergence of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the truthful successor of the holy prophet of Islam has been closely associated with establishing justice.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of the contemporary Muslim world, said that divine savior from progeny of the holy prophet will spread justice and uproot all types of cruelties and tyrannies among mankind societies.

Imam once said, “the issue of the disappearance of the Imam is a great matter that makes us to understand some of the issues. One of them is: Real justice should be spread in the world in its true sense. This is a great thing. There is none among mankind except Mahdi for this task—God has preserved him in reserve to carry out this mission when God deems fit.” 

Imam Khomeini made it clear that divine savior will be successful in creating such a justice which will embrace every aspect and dimension of human life.

“That one who will succeed in carrying out the justice throughout the world is Mahdi whom God has preserved for this task and this mission. The justice he will execute, shall not be one now in the conception of every ordinary man. His justice will not be to the extent of the comfort of the people. His justice will embrace every aspect of human life, every dimension of man’s entity,” said Imam Khomeini.

Imam Khomeini also stressed that divine savior is assigned to correct all deviations among human societies in order to relieve mankind form social and moral decline.

“If man developed a deviation in his practice or in his spirit, or in his mind or reason—to set right this deviation or turn it back to the correct one is a justice in a sense. The repudiated deviation brings back the right one in its place to create justice in man and his life. The manners of a man are deviated or perverted. To normalize the perverted thing or set right the strayed thing means that justice is brought to its track. Or, a man is made just. Likewise, in beliefs, suppose, deviation has taken place. When this deviation is steered to correction it means that justice is done to the man concerned. Justice is done to the reason and so forth. Such a person to handle such a strange and unique talk was not created. God has given it only to Mahdi. Neither in the beginning nor in the end, could one do such a thing. It is reserved to Mahdi and Mahdi is reserved for it. All the Prophets were sent for this errand. But due to some setbacks they could not achieve the end. It is for Mahdi alone to successfully attain the objective.”

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