We must become familiar with Imam Khomeini’s political thought

We must become familiar with Imam Khomeini’s political thought

Hojjat al-Islam Majid Ansari appreciates role of the institute in promoting Imam Khomeini's works and dynamic thought.

Ansari who is currently Vice President for Legal Affairs has hailed key role of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini's works in promoting the dynamic ideals and thought of the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

Ansari in a recent interview stressed the need of becoming familiar with  Imam Khomeini’s political thought which have deep roots in basic Islamic sources such as the holy book of Quran and are based on genuine divine teachings. 

He stated that the institute has played a role similar to media and advanced cultural institutions in introducing and promoting Imam's thought, which forms fundamentals of the Islamic Revolution. The official also expected the media outlets and other relevant institutions to play an active role in this regard.

Ansari, who is also an internationally-reputed religious scholar stressed that the Islamic-democratic system established by Imam has been based on public-dominated democratic governance and people’s participation. 

Ideals of Imam regarding Islamic-democratic system which is based on public's backing and people's decisive role and their massive contribution in all arenas also needed to be elucidated and highlighted, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the vice president strongly denounced systematic fabrications and propaganda being launched by some foes against the Islamic-Republic system. He also stressed that such a vicious campaign should be countered and confronted.

The Iranian official stated that the Islamic-democratic system, which have held numerous parliamentary and presidential elections, should be introduced on the international level to the world in its right sense and concept.

The scholar concluded by saying that Imam Khomeini had strongly rejected the idea of any kind of separation between religion and politics.

Imam instead formed an alliance between politics and region and proved that they are inseparable, he noted.

Ansari made remarks during an interview while visiting a stall set up at the International book exhibition in the Iranian capital Tehran to introduce and promote Imam Khomeini’s theological and mystical works.

He also visited certain section of the stall which has been set up by the international department of the institute. The department has managed to translate dozens of Imam’s works into several foreign languages including English, French, Arabic and Urdu.

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