Imam Khomeini observed morality through all stages

Imam Khomeini observed morality through all stages

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary world, had always paid particular attention to morality, and viewed almost all socio-political issues from the moral perspective.

 Imam Khomeini’s code of ethics is deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition and founded on ethical heritage of the teachers of ethics and Muslim mystics. 

Since the time Imam was a regular teacher at religious seminaries up to the time when he was in the center of the political arena, he observed all ethical and moral norms.

Imam led the people’s uprising and established the Islamic Republic system by observing best ethical practices, principles of good governance, rule of law and democratic values.

The recommendations by the late founder of the Islamic Republic and his political messages to the officials and people are remarkable in this regard.  

These recommendations and historic messages show profound moral lessons from which we all can learn.

Imam Khomeini throughout all stages of his life keenly scrutinized moral vices and virtues, discussed them wisely, and enumerated the spiritual benefits of observing morality.

After exploring Imam’s theological works, which contain mystical treasures, researchers have concluded that his code of ethics has also deep roots in basic Islamic sources such as the holy book of Quran and Sunnah.

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