Imam Khomeini defined major objectives of holy scripture of Quran

Imam Khomeini defined major objectives of holy scripture of Quran

Imam Khomeini used to attach special significance to reciting the holy scripture of Quran during holy month of Ramadan.

 The late founder of the Islamic Republic used to read several chapters of the holy book of Quran on daily basis especially during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Imam also recommended believers and faithful people to read Quran and recite supplications narrated by the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors during the blessed period.

Imam believed that the divine texts and special Duas by infallibles contain treasure of mysticism and can guide humanity and could deliver mankind from pits of social and moral decline.

Some slected statements by Imam Khomeini about Quran come as following:

Quran, a holy scripture for purification of souls from darkness

10-Thus, the purpose of the bithat is the descent of Divine Inspiration and the Qur’an; and the purpose of recitation and pondering upon the Qur’an is to guide man to attain self-purification and thepurification of the souls from the darkness that is present within them so that man’s soul and mind gains the preparedness for understanding the Book and its Wisdom. So, the purpose is self-purification for the understanding of this Book and its Wisdom. Not every soul can perceive this Light that has descended from the unseen and has now become manifest. It is not possible to gain knowledge and wisdom from this Book without self-purification. The soul has to become freed from all pollution and the greatest pollution is the pollution of the carnal soul of man and its caprice. Until the time the soul is veiled in the darkness of I-ness, it can never perceive the Qur’an, which in its own words is “Light”. The
veiled ones and those who are covered in thick veils cannot truly comprehend this Book even if they think they do.

            (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 14, page 335)

Quran contains all needs of humans

But the religion of Islam, whose scripture is the Quran, has been fully preserved.  Not a word of it has been changed. Because of this the Quran is all inclusive. The glorious Quran was revealed to shape the human being and all his human dimensions.  It is a book that contains everything that man needs and endows him with everything he has:  spirituality and materiality, exteriority and quiddity.  It came to satisfy whatever needs he has and guide him in matters relevant to him such as his relationship with his Blessed and Exalted Creator, the concepts of the Unity of God, the Divine attributes, the Day of Judgment, socio-political issues and the question of war against the unbelievers. The Quran is replete with verses making it incumbent upon the people and the Prophet to fight aggressors and oppressors.

(Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 4, page 423-424) 


Quran’s role in Huaman’s training and its spiritual transformation  

The Holy Quran, which is supreme among all other ideologies and books, was revealed to develop man, to turn a potential human being into an actuality. This was the reason behind the revelation of the other divine books also. The missions of all the prophets, regardless of the period, were to turn
the human being into a true human being. All the sciences, the acts of worship, the religious learning and the rules for worship are all a means to turn a defective human being into a perfect human being. The Quran is a book of human perfection which, when turned to, provides for every stage of man’s development.

(Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 3, page 219)

Quran, a scripture which invites towards rationality

The difference between Islam and the other schools; not the monotheist ones, but between the monotheist schools of which Islam is the greatest, and the others is that in this natural world, Islam looks for a different meaning with regard to medical science, geometry, astronomy, etc.

The one who studies this point in the Holy Quran will notice that the spiritual aspect of the natural sciences in toto; not the natural one, is presented in it. All the wisdom that is in the Quran and the command to contemplate and reflect on the perceptible world is because of the realm of
intellection being the real one whereas nature is an outward form of the world. However, we see this form and experience the trivial pleasures as we exist in the natural world.

(Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 8, page 376)

Quran, the holy book which guarantees Muslim sovereignty

If only the Islamic countries and Muslim nations—instead of relying on the Eastern and
Western Blocs—relied on Islam, set before their eyes the luminous and deliverance-bestowing teachings of the Holy Quran, and acted upon them, today they would not have been victims of the Zionist aggressions, be frightened by the American Phantom (jets) and subdued by the compromising inclination and Satanic trickeries of the Soviet Union.  

The Muslim governments’ drifting away from the Holy Quran has broughtthe nation of Islam to this gloomy and deplorable condition, and subjected the fate of the Muslim nations and countries to the compromising politics of the left and right imperialists.

            (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 2, page 456)


Quran as a scripture of movement and a blockage against strangers

Islam is the school of movement, and the Holy Quran, the book of movement: movement from the natural state to the unseen; movement from materialism to spiritualism; movement for justice and for the establishment of the government of justice. Regrettably, those who wanted to plunder the East and take the Muslim nations into bondage carried out propaganda which even the people of the East—those that were neglectful of Islam and the monotheist schools—believed. Contrary to what the monotheist schools arethe schools of movementthey said that religion was the opium of the masses!

(Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 8, page 258)

Quran, a wide-spread divine dinning for all

Qur’an contains divine words and the purpose of the bithatis to bring down this Great Book (for us) to recite and ponder upon this grand divine sign. Even though the entire universe is a sign of God Almighty, the Noble Qur’an is the essence of the entire creation and all that needs to be accomplished
through the bi’that. The Noble Qur’an is like a grand dining cloth, spread out through the Messenger of God (s) for all mankind, for each person to pick from it according to his own capacity. This Book and this grand dining cloth has been sent for all mankind—the common man, the scholar, the philosopher, the gnostic, the jurist—from the East to the West and from the time of its Revelation until the Day of Resurrection, to employ to the best use.

            (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 14, page 333)

Quran, a focal point for all mysticism and a gateway to God, the Almighty

The holy Quran has many elegant allusions, but since they have been provided for people, they have
been done in a way that both elites and common people can comprehend. The holy Quran is replete with mysticism and is the source of all knowledge.

            Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 19, page 396

If the Quran did not exist, the gateway to understanding of God would be closed until eternity.

            Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 17, page 402

Quran as a divine feast for the holy prophet of Islam

An invitation has stages; its honoring also has stages. The sublime stage of its honoring is what culminated in the Blessed and Almighty God, after observance of preliminaries and undergoing self-abstinence that the Prophet of God—may God’s peace be upon him—underwent, inviting him to the
feast of revelation of the Quran.

Quran is that blessing of an invitation to the Prophet of God to a feast that is laid out from the beginning until eternity. The honorable Prophet benefited from it and its preliminaries are those for which he underwent long years of spiritual self-abstinence until he reached the point where he merited
the feast—the important aspect being shunning the world.

            (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol 17, page 453)

Quran as a complete scripture, which doesn’t need meddling of personal views

Whoever wishes to become acquainted with Islam must make an accurate study of the Quran, for this is the key source of reference. He must take note of all the dimensions found therein. He must not make the mistake of accepting only those verses which relate to the physical world, and with issues concerning government, rejecting the verses which relate to resurrection. He who makes this mistake is unaware of the meaning of resurrection, or of what will happen when the Day of Resurrection arrives.
He thinks that there is no truth in it; that it is but a fantasy. But he is gravely mistaken. It is indeed true, and its truth is more real than the reality of this physical world; but we have not yet reached the level of understanding required for us to grasp this fact.

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