Iranian president denounces twin terror attacks in Tehran

Iranian president denounces twin terror attacks in Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has condemned Tehran’s twin terror attacks as “cowardly.”

The president said that the terrorist attacks will further strengthen Iran’s resolve to fight terrorism, extremism and violence in the region. He also offered condolences to the victims' families.  

Rouhani said in a message, after 12 people were killed and more than 40 others wounded in twin terror attacks in Tehran on Wednesday. 

He also stressing the country will crush enemies’ plots through unity and integrity.

“The Iranian nation … will prove once again that it will crush any plot or scheme by ill-wishers through unity and solidarity and its powerful security structure,” the Iranian president said.

The Iranian president also described terrorism as a global challenge, and underlined that unity to fight extremism, terrorism and violence combined with regional and international cooperation is the most urgent need of the international community today.

He said that Iran’s enemies were irked by the huge turnout of the Iranians in the country’s May 19 elections and therefore recruited and supported Takfiri elements to “cover up their failures in the region, collapse of Islamic values and public dissatisfaction in their countries.”

Earlier on Wednesday, gunmen stormed Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) and the mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini in two coordinated attacks, which claimed the lives of 12 people and injured over 40 others. 


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