Imam Khomeini generated new dynamism among Muslim world

Imam Khomeini generated new dynamism among Muslim world

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, has been succeeded in bringing about a revolution and establishing the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Muslim scholars, during the past hundred years, have developed new theories in the field of Islamic political thought in an unprecedented manner.

Yet, some of them have not been successful in developing theories fit for running the affairs of their societies.

Imam Khomeini, however, has been succeeded in establishing the Islamic Republic system in contemporary history.

Thus, it is necessary to delve into his ideas and examine his political thought for various reasons:
Imam Khomeini's thought laid the foundation of a great movement, i.e., the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

With the culmination of the Islamic Revolution in Iran the oppressed peoples of the world, in general, and the Iranians, in particular, have been eagerly waiting to reap the fruits of the movement, hence, it should be studied thoroughly.

In addition, in order to keep the record of such a movement in the history, it is necessary to work out the ideas of a Mujtahid (jurist) who, in the light of the Islamic teachings, could initiate a movement which led to the establishment of an Islamic system and he himself shouldered the leadership of the state for ten years.

Imam Khomeini, who generated a new dynamism throughout the Muslim world, his writings, movement, sayings and speeches will continue to guide the entire Muslim world and oppressed people around the globe.

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