Inclination to perfection drives forward caravan of human civilization

Inclination to perfection drives forward caravan of human civilization

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works stressed that human Fitrah or sumblime nature drive the human societies towards perfection, learning and excellence.

According to Imam’s thinking, it is the same inclination to perfection and excellence that drives forward the caravan of human civilization and learning. 

The leader of contemporary history stresses that it is the same penchant for perfection that makes human beings determined to overcome his defects and display the excellences in him.

According to Imam, it is the same essence of fitrah that renders possible the founding of communities and civil society. It is the very quintessence that brings to the fore man’s merit to be the Vicegerent of God and the epitome of divine attributes. 

After exploring Imam Khomeini’s theological works, it can be concluded that if human beings are left to themselves and no law or moral principle controls them, certainly egoism would sway them to compete with and, finally, obliterate one another.

In this context, the view of the Imam Khomeini is both realistic and optimistic. He propounds that when man is born, he possesses abundant potentialities for deriving excellences as well as instincts for his security and survival. 

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