Imam Khomeini highlighted heavenly aspects of human beings

Imam Khomeini highlighted heavenly aspects of human beings

Imam Khomeini through his theological works stresses that the human being has a twofold personality: heavenly and earthly.

This creature has its origin in the earth and his hands are extended toward heaven. While glancing at this transitory world, his eyes are fixed on that everlasting world.

One of the companions of Imam as-Sadiq (PBUH) asked him as to who is superior, man or angel. The infallible Imam replied that the Commander of the Faithful Imam ‘Ali (PBUH) had the following answer to the same query:  

According to Imam, God created the angels from reason without carnal desire and He created human beings from the combination of these two. Therefore, whoever uses his reason above his desire is superior to the angels and whoever uses his desire above his reason is inferior to the four-footed ones.

As such, man has a dual personality and each part of him drives him to its pertinent direction. As a result, an inner conflict arises in man, dichotomizing his being. 

But this is only one side of the coin. It does not mean that man, as such, is superior to the angels and the representative of God. Rather, it points to the fact that man can, and should, make apparent and nurture his divine aspect, and make himself his Lord’s worthy viceroy.

But too much love for this world may hinder human beings spiritual advancement  Imam Khomeini describes some of the evils of loving this world in this manner:   

Among the evil effects of the love of the world and attachment to it is that it makes man afraid of death…

Another great evil caused by the love of the world is that… it weakens his power of resolution and debilitates the will. 

Since he mistakenly believes the world and worldly fascinations to be the desired ultimate goal his greed grows day by day and his desire for them multiplies. His need for the world increases and poverty and deprivation becomes his fate.

Consequently, he is like a thirsty person who drinks water from the sea and becomes thirstier. 

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