Rouhani congratulates Pope, world leaders on Christmas

Rouhani congratulates Pope, world leaders on Christmas

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday congratulated world leaders on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the "prophet of mercy and kindness" and the advent of the new Christian year.

Rouhani expressed hope that in line with the teachings of the divine prophets and by relying on peaceful coexistence, major steps would be taken to promote peace, justice, equality and moderation during the new year.

He also hoped that 2018 would be a year full of spirituality, dignity and welfare with no discrimination and violence for all people across the world through common efforts, dialogue and interaction among religious experts and scholars as well as followers of divine religions.

The Iranian president also prayed that God may bestow "happiness and prosperity" upon all nations and their governments.

Rouhani also sent congratulatory messages to Pope Francis ahead of Christmas and the new Gregorian calendar year, expressing hope that the world would see the eradication of discrimination and poverty.

In his message to Pope on Sunday, the Iranian president expressed his felicitations over the auspicious birth anniversary of the prophet of mercy, bliss, peace and friendship, Jesus Christ.

In today's world, which is plagued with immoralities, injustice and suffering, statesmen and religious scholars shoulder an important duty to work together and help each other with the purpose of creating a "beautiful world full of peace, tranquility, [and] moderation" free from "violence and extremism," he added.

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