What did Imam Khomeini expect Pope?

What did Imam Khomeini expect Pope?

Imam Khomeini expected the world leader of Catholic Christians to stand against aggressive policies of the world aggressive and colonial powers.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, who wanted to gather the followers of all divine religions under monotheism banner wanted the world Christian leader to stand against aggressive policies of the world exploiting powers.

Imam in a historic speech in this regard had said on the occasion of Christmas as following:

Jesus Christ (‘a) is the prophet of peace. He wanted peace to prevail in the world and today is a day of peace. On this day of peace, do you know what is going on in the war-stricken localities? Do you believe in the American president’s invocations and prayers? Are you aware of all the adverse propaganda against us being carried out in America’s newspapers, television, and radio? Do you know that the propaganda serves the interests of the oppressors and is directed against the oppressed ones? Are not you supposed to stop this propaganda? Is it not among the Pope’s agenda to advise the oppressors? Then whose task is it, if not the Pope’s? Who is to spread the teachings of Christian? Who is supposed to convey to people his ideology? Is religion only for the lower layers of the society? Is it only for the slum dwellers? Is it only for the farmers? Shouldn’t the upper class layers of society get acquainted with Christ’s teachings?

Does the Pope listen to our pleas? Do they let him listen to us? If he listens to us, will he take action? Is he not supposed to combat those who, contrary to Christ’s teachings, inflict us with injustice? Is he not aware of the cruelties which are being carried out against the deprived nations by the American presidents? Does he not know what is going on in Palestine, Lebanon, Vietnam and elsewhere? Does the Pope remain ignorant of these mishaps? Is he surrounded, by some people who will not let him know these world events? Or does he know, but prefer to remain silent? Why does he apt for silence vis-à-vis cruelty? It is Jesus Christ’s command to stop these abominable acts of violence. Why, then, did the Pope let superpowers carry out any crimes they wish to and slaughter the oppressed wantonly?

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