Iran enhanced defensive capabilities under Imam Khomeini leadership

Iran enhanced defensive capabilities under Imam Khomeini leadership

 Imam Khomeini mobilized the nation to defend the revolution against all internal and external threats. 

Months after the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iraqi dictator Saddam began by attacking the oil-producing province of Khuzestan and captured Khorramshahr a month after fighting began. But it was, one historian has written, "a catastrophic miscalculation".

 Over time Iraqi dictator had enjoyed the discreet support of the west, with the US providing satellite intelligence on Iranian deployments and European countries supplying armaments and raw materials for gas and chemical weapons.


 Iran's continuing suspicions of arrogant powers cannot be understood without remembering that grim period. 

Iranian nation set unprecedented pattern of martyrdom and rendered numerous sacrifices to defend the divine values and the Islamic revolution at the sensitive juncture of history.  

The triumph of Islamic revolution that’s been indebted to the leadership of Imam Khomeini, wide presence of descent people and the inquisitive lessons of Shia’s school, has highly affected local, regional and global metabolism. This century’s miracle of God kept the world devours and oppressors’ hand away from our country on one hand and on the other lightened the light and sparks of hopping for Islam’s renaissance’s in the hearts of the world’s Muslims.

Today at the dawn of 40st year of this incredible event for a better and deeper retrospect and reinvestigation of the Islamic revolution we survey through some of its most important achievements in different fields of social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and others.

The most outstanding Defence and Military Achievements of the Islamic Revolution:

  • Formation of the defence system made from popular and believing forces for the country and making Sepah Pasdaran and Basij.
  • Saving the country from American and western military attaches dominance.
  • Uplifting the level of national ability in facing with probable threats.
  • Makin Iran a most effective defence-military power in the region for supporting Islamic values and defending the oppressed and Islamic nations.
  • Maintaining territorial integrity of the country against the heavy invasion of Iraq and the eight year war in spite of support of superpowers and tens of other countries for Iraq.
  • Generating kinds of medium range, long range, ground to ground and ground to air missiles.   
  • Making kinds of light and semi heavy weapons in the armed forces.
  • Producing rockets of short, medium and long range as well as various ballistic ones.
  • Making kinds of anti-air strike machine guns.
  • Production of kinds of armoured cars, personnel carriers, tanks, and types of anti-tank weapons.
  • Building military ship, small battle ship, and fast boats and flying ones.
  • Making kinds of shore to sea and sea to sea rockets and torpedo.
  • Producing kinds of military aeroplanes manned and unmanned and various types of helicopters.
  • Outstanding progresses in electronic and cyber battles.
  • Making kinds of fixed, underground and movable sites for launching rockets especially to launch ballistics.
  • Making super modern anti-air strike sites.
  • Making kinds progressed radars.          


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