Imam Khomeini brought about sea of change to entire world

Imam Khomeini brought about sea of change to entire world

Imam Khomeini, the leader of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was an influential spiritual and political figure who brought about a sea change not only to Iran but to the rest of the world.

Some of historic events led to victory of the Islamic Revolution come as following:

!. The Year 1341                                                                                     

 Shah decided to ratify the bill known as provincial assemblies, in which oath to Quran was substituted with oath to every holy book and so the Shia religion would lose its constitutional status as the dominant religion of the country. Imam Khomeini along with many other religious leaders pioneered the objection against the act.

2. The year 1342                                                                                                                                

  the white revolution consist of 6 important principles was run [by Shah]. Imam Khomeini officially objected the work and made exciting lectures about it in the city of Qum. In consequence he was detained following of which large demonstrations were hold in Tehran and other big cities of Iran. Shah’s regime violated the demonstrations. And the rise took its name from the day it happened as “the rise of 15th of Khordad”.

3. The year 1344                                                                                                                 

 Imam’s constant opposition with Shah especially about the white revolution and Capitulation brought Imam Exile, to Turkey and from there to Iraq.

4. The year 1350                                                                                                              

 the festival of 2500 years of monarchy of Iran was celebrated wastefully just in a time of Iranian economic recession and discordant with religious and cultural customs. Imam Khomeini while denounced the festival proclaimed the monarchy in discord with Shia religion.

5. The year 1351                                                                                                                  

 Iran’s Army Special Forces on request of King Qabus entered Amman to suppress communism. America who took Iran as the gendarme of the region insured Shah with the most progressed arms that could be sold to him.

6. The year 1352                                                                                                                    

Most of Islamic and oil producer countries boycott Israel’s supporting states but Shah refused to do so instead he tried his utmost in helping Israel. In these years the oil price rose high and Shah who’d access the fortune found the situation in a better fit with his regime.

7. The year 1354                                                                                                                         

after various border confrontations in Khozestan the two countries of Iran and Iraq finally made an agreement on the legal regime of sharing usage of Arvand the river as well as some border issues and signed a peace treaty in Algeria by 1975 (the Algeria 1975 treaty). The treaty was signed between Shah and the time deputy president of Iraq (Saddam Hussein).

8. The year 1355                                                                                                                           

 Shah replaced the solar hegira calendar with the non-Islamic one of Iranian monarchy. By his order on this year every official date was changed to 2535. The senior offspring of Imam Mostafa Khomeini was martyred on the same year. On the occasion of which some ceremonies were held around the country.

9. The month of Dei of 1356                                                                                                      Jimi Carter the time president of America visited Iran. He called the country under Shah’s leadership “the island of stability”.

Keihan the newspaper published an essay contemptuous to Imam Khomeini. In objection to the attempt people of Qum on 19 of the Dei made a rise which was supressed by Shah’s regime.

10. The month Bahman 1356                                                                                                          the aggressive approach of Shah’s regime with the people of Qum, made Tabriz people to hold a ceremony by the 40th day of the lives lost in Qum. This gathering was also violently confronted. The 40th ceremony of Tabriz casualties was held in Isfahan, Varamin and some other cities thereafter. By suppressing these demonstrations the Arbaeen (40th) rises got formed and communicated all around the country.

11. The month Mordad 1357     

 Shah’s men in order to slander the revolutionaries [accused of destruction] burnt down Abadan’s cinema Rex. And this inflamed people’s anger against the regime higher.

12. The month Shahrivar 1357      

The great rise of Tehran in Jaleh square was drawn in blood too. Even though the real number of casualties was never declared but the undeniable signs indicated of a big mass of innocent lives loss on the day. This bitter human catastrophe was recorded in the book of the regime crimes by the name of “the Bloody Friday”.

13. The month of Mehr 1357           

Shah in order to make Imam unavailable instigated Iraq’s government to expel him from there. And when Kuwait did not let him in, Imam migrated to France.

14. The month of Aban 1357      

 Shah entrusted the government to a Bahai military guy called Azhari to strengthen the escalating columns of his government by more suppression.

Imam in Paris put the idea of forming Islamic republic which had many times been direct or indirectly publicised, officially into media strings. And this achieved a worldwide response.

15. The month of Azar 1357                             

The demonstrations on the days of Fitr, Tasua, and Aashura became as millionis. The millioni attendance of people in demonstrations and his fear as a consequence of in such time made Shah refer to Jebha Melli [National Front] the party that was an old enemy of him. Shapur Baktiar was the only one of the king members of the Jabha Melli who accepted Shah’s prime ministry proposal.

16. The month Dei 1357                                                                                                           Shah in a critical time as such had to leave Iran. He left Iran along with his wife Farah Diba while had also 384 suit cases containing money, jewelleries and other stuff that belonged to Iranian people with him ran to Aswan of Egypt.

17. Twelve of the month Bahman 1357                         

Imam Khomeini after 15 years exile and being away from home was widely welcomed by millions of Iranians and entered Tehran glorious and powerful. In a revolutionary and powerful speech in Beheasht Zahra he despaired the last illusive prospects of the monarchies king men.

18. Fifteen of the month Bahman 1357                                             

Imam Khomeini at the Refah School appointed Mohandes Mehdi Bazargan officially as the prime minister of the transitional government of the revolution.

19. Nineteen of the month Bahman 1357                                                                           

The air force officers by attending at the residence of Imam expressed their allegiance to him. Right after publishing the picture of this gathering the Shah’s Guard attacked the air force garrison. This attempt of Shah’s Guard made people to get involved in support of the air force officers directly.

20. twenty first of the month Bahman 1357                                                                

The government in order to pacify people for making the circumstances ready for coup d’état announced curfew. Imam vigilantly called people for consecutive attendance in demonstrations, the army declared impartial and people by taking over garrisons got armed.

21. twenty first of the month Bahman                                                                                          by the noon time all of strategic points were captured by people. Baktiar hid out and prime ministry palace was taken over by the revolutionaries. Police headquarter of the country, Savak (county’s information and security organisation), suburbs polis stations in Tehran and provinces and the entire garrisons of the army all over, both palaces of Niavaran, and Saad Abad, both parliaments of Senate and the National assembly and the national broadcasting headquarter were all taken over by revolutionaries and the news on triumph of the revolution was read through by Shahid Mahalati.             

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