The new year will be the year of progress for our dear nation: President Rouhani

The new year will be the year of progress for our dear nation: President Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the new Iranian year is a time to create new jobs for the country’s youths. He also added that what the country achieved in the past year in terms of curbing inflation and creating jobs has been unprecedented in the past 25 years.

Rouhani said in a televised address to the Iranian nation on Monday on the occasion of the Iranian New Year.

“The new year will be the year of progress and development for our dear nation. The new year will be the year of more employment [opportunities] for our youths.” 

“We need to carry out more efforts to compensate for the shortcomings,” he added.

“What we achieved in the last year in terms of curbing inflation, economic growth and job creation, has had no precedent in the past 25 years,” the Iranian president said.

During the preceding year, the country achieved an economic growth rate of eight percent for the first time after 11 years, he noted.

Rouhani also commended efforts by the country’s oil and gas industry in doubling the production of crude oil and condensate last year.

“Through oil diplomacy and because of efforts made by engineers and workers we managed to reclaim our past position in the production of oil and gas and condensate,” the Iranian chief executive said.

He also referred to the unveiling of a charter of citizenship rights last year, saying, “The charter of citizenship rights was unveiled last year as promised. Today, we will implement that charter with the help of you people.”

The Iranian president warned that “everybody must know that if they violate the citizenship rights, they will pay a very high price.”

He noted that Iranians must take part in two important elections this year, noting that ensuring people’s maximum turnout in those elections as well as holding “healthy competitions and constitutional elections” must be everybody’s goal.



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