Failure of US operation in Tabas damaged US prestige worldwide

Failure of US operation in Tabas damaged US prestige worldwide

The operation failure, getting crush in the cloud of very fine sand damaged the US prestige worldwide and made the US army leave Tabas.
The operation was called Delta and some of the ex-regime (Pahlavi Regime) officers were also accompanying this operation which was directly ordered by then president of US Jimmy Carter.

 On April 1980, the armed forces of the United States attempting to rescue the American spies held in ran with 8 helicopters and 3 modified Hercules the YMC-130 and 132 military forces landed in Tabas. 

The operation failure encountering hydraulic problems, getting crush in the cloud of very fine sand and for the last one showing sign of cracked rotor blade and also the humiliating public debacle that ensued, damaged the US prestige worldwide and made the US army leave Tabas.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic delivered a message to condemn the US act.

The complete text of the message comes as following:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful 

O the combatant nation of Iran! You heard about the American military intervention. You also heard about the excuses of Carter. I have repeatedly told that Carter will do every wrong and commit every crime, even the world he will set to fire only to reach the presidency of America. Now the evidences of that are appearing one after another. Carter’s mistake is in his conjecture. He thinks that he can make the Iranian nation to go astray from the way of God and humanity. By this foolish display he presumes that the Iranian nation will retreat while the nation of Iran is ready to sacrifice everything for Islam, independence and freedom. Carter has not realized as to what nation he is in confrontation with and what school? Our nation is a nation of blood. Our school is Jihad. This man, a human friend, put a group to death in order to stay a few years in power. It is quite probable that he might have admitted a gigue of eight persons to minimize the gravity of his crime. But the very sketch of the incident reflects that there should have been tens of persons who gave their lives for the sake of his lust and personal proclivity. Besides, there are tens of them lost in the wilderness of that vast desert exposed to death. He claims that the place has transported all the passengers. This contradicts the report given to us. Carter must know that had not they attacked their spying center in Tehran, now none of them, nor one of those fifty spies would have been left alive. All would have been dispatched to hell. Carter must know that an attack on Iran is an attack to all Islamic countries. The Muslims around the world are not indifferent in this matter. Carter must know that an attack on Iran shall cause the stoppage of the flow of petroleum from all over the world to America. The world will unite itself against America. Carter should know that this foolish act that he has committed will turn his own friends into enemies. It has left so deep an effect in America. Carter should know that he has nullified his political prestige by this childish act of his. He should give up the hope of becoming president. Carter by this act has proved that he is short of thinking power. Furthermore, he is unable for administration of a big country like America. Carter must know that a nation of 35 million has grown up in a school wherein martyrdom is prosperity and a pride. It does not hesitate to sacrifice its own life for the sake of its school. Carter must know that all the up to date and modern weapons he had given to the Shāh are now in the possession of our great army which will be a havoc to himself.

Now, our noble nation, a warrior nation, should come to itself to trust in God the Almighty and pretend in His design with all the ability and get prepared for a war against its own enemies because the big Satan has taken up his foolish mischief. The military, the army, the security forces, the volunteers, and the ganders—all should be alert and ready. The military of twenty million volunteers who have equipped themselves for sacrifice for Islam should be at standstill to defend their country when necessary. They should not give into the terror of this failed attempt of America. God the omnipotent has defeated them. We are at the right. God is with us. I admonish Carter if he repeats again such a foolish act it will be difficult for us and the government to control the Muslim fighters and youths (Muslim students following in the footsteps of the Imām) who are guarding the spies. He himself personally shall be responsible for their safety. Finally, I would like to remark that the perverse and deviated groups in Kurdistān, which are anti-Islam, committed the troubles. In the colleges, the leftist groups, pro-America, did all that turbulence and tumult in the sacred places. The disturbances and clashes that the illegitimate government of Iraq is doing at the borders; it appears that all these are linked with tangible proof to the assault of Carter and his military intervention. At this sensitive time, if these perverted and devious groups go on with their mischievous, the nation will conclude that the mischief-mongers have a close contact and connection directly with America—the world-hungry. As such it will decide its obligation towards them. To ignore or to forget or to forego or to pardon will not be our polity then. I request all the youth to join the nation in defending the country. The unity is now in the interest of the country. Therefore, keep aside the perverted schools. I pray to God for the greatness of Islam and Muslims and the break of the links of tyrants.


May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Rūhullāh al-Mūsawī al-Khomeinī

   Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.12, page 223-224

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