Why Imam Khomeini did even the small things himself?

Why Imam Khomeini did even the small things himself?

Imam Khomeini followed the ways of the holy Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali (peace be upon them).

Even though Imam Khomeini was the leader of a nation it was his practice to try to do even the small things himself. He lived a humble life without extravagance. 

Imam Khomeini in some historic pictures has been seen washing dishes and making tea himself.

It has been mentioned in Islamic history through story of a man who was recounting his childhood. The man said that as a child his father took him to the masjid (mosque) in Kufa. 

 When they entered the child saw a man sitting on the minbar ( a pulpit in the mosque) delivering a lecture. 

But while he was speaking he kept shaking his shirt. The child asked his father why this man was doing this, and the father replied that this is Imam Ali, the leader of the Muslim nation. 

He only owns one shirt, and when he washes it there is no other to wear in its place. So he wears the wet shirt and is shaking it to dry it. 

This is the way of the Prophets and Imams, and those who follow their path. We can only hope to become more like Imam Khomeini

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