"Anthropology from perspective of Imam Khomeini" published in Kazakh language

"Anthropology from perspective of Imam Khomeini" published in Kazakh language

The book "Anthropology in the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini" has been published in the Kazakh language with cooperation of the Iranian Cultural center in Kazakhstan. The book addresses the speeches and dynamic thought of Imam Khomeini on the issues of anthropology.

The precious work has been translated by Dmitry Bibayev from Farsi to Russian, and later by Bakhtian to Khoja Rastamov from Russian to Kazakh, as well as edited by Ms. Aiman Mintibayeva.

The book has been compiled in eight chapters, each chapter analyzes anthropology from a philosophical and theological perspective.

The author adapts the thoughts of Iranian scholars especially Mulla Sadra and Avicenna's ideas, and somewhat agrees with the thought of these scholars, and elsewhere describes difference between them through comparative study. 

The book puts emphasis on human dignity form Imam Khomeini’s perspective as well.

Dozens of Imam’s academic works have been translated to several foreign languages over the past few years.

Several analysts believe Imam Khomeini genuine teachings and dynamic thought can prevent societies form falling into pits of social and moral decline.

Pundits believe that the  thought  of founder of the Islamic Republic have revived the genuine spiritual teachings and empowered the movements of oppressed nations in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

Imam Khomeini is widely loved and his works are widely welcomed by Iranians and several nations across the world.


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