Imam Khomeini confronted injustices against women

Imam Khomeini confronted injustices against women

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic message that an extensive look at history shows that various social communities imposed a lot of cruelty and injustice on women one way or the other.

According to Imam Khomeini, the historical oppressed situation of women is categorized into two eras: “the Age of Ignorance” and “the Pahlavi era.”

At both times, the plight of women had been greater than men or, in some occasions, incomparable to them.

“During the reign of Reza Khan which was the beginning of Pahlavi’s Age of Ignorance, he –as the protégé of the West- made a huge effort to corrupt the culture and history of Iran.

The women were subjected to his despotism more than men; in the beginning, women voluntarily and later under compelling circumstances were captivated through deceptive models the government offered.

They took advantage of women by fulfilling their satanic purposes and unlawful needs.

It is obvious that the women who opposed even slightly to the current opinions and situations imposed by the governors of the time would be bothered eventually due to the despotic nature of the government, and they would be deprived of their natural rights on the pretense of defending the freedom.

On the other hand, based on this approach, the social presence of women was summarized into the commercial use of the presence of women in the society.”

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