Heartbroken, towards you a journey must be made,

To the tavern willingly a passing must be made.

Our sage said, from the tavern the cure must be asked,

Request for the healing from any house never ever must be made.

If there is anyone more beautiful than you,

Doubtlessly a cleaving must be made.

If the sage opened the door of the tavern to the lovers,

Afterwards the decision for the victory must be made.

If the heart claims to be a sardār, as a result of intoxication

Come to your senses for we are in danger.

Good tiding, oh! Friend, that a rogue opened the jar's opening,

Oh wine-drinker, you must drink from this heavenly grant.

While finding the zoroastrain temple the head must be lost,

Against its cruelty the defence must be made.

Thanks to the jar's opening that to visit him,

Even the intoxicated drunk fellow, aware must be called.

The beloved’s tress is everywhere,

Therefore to all places the journey must be made, enthusiastically.

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