I intended to become well-mannered but I did not,

To become unaware of the whole world, but I did not.

To appeal to the tavern elder for my need,

To become a confidant to this clan but I did not.

To sacrifice myself to create the place for the Beloved,

So that I would become noble through the Great Name, but I did not become.

To drink, every night, the wine of love, given to me by the Beloved,

To become needless of Kawthar and Zamzam, but I did not.

I god rid of my self and enamored with the friend’s face

So as to become like that incarnated soul, but never.

To become all ears and conscious from head to toe,

Being inspired by your breath but never,

I wanted to find a way from Safā towards the Annihilation House,

I wanted to become a firm friend in faithfulness, but never.

I wanted to overthrow all the idols in my heart's Ka‘bah,

To become honourable to the Beloved But I did not.

All the wishes were buried in grave oh! the wicked whim!

I intended to become well-mannered but I did not.

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