Why photographers were no longer willing to take Imam Khomeini’s photos?

Why photographers were no longer willing to take Imam Khomeini’s photos?

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that no photographer was ready to make Imam Khomeini’s pictures during his stay in exile in holy city of Najaf.

The photographers had been scared of the then Iraq Baathi regime that had put severe restrictions on Imam’s movement during his stay in Najaf.  The photocopiers were also not willing to print and spread Imam Khomeini’s religious and political declarations.

This is while the demand for Imam’s pictures and declarations was growing back in his homeland, Iran. Protesters needed Imam’s pictures to carry them during massive demonstrations against the Shah regime and its US-led western backers.

One of individual within Imam’s close circle said that once he had been successful in convincing a shopkeeper of Iranian-origin in Najaf’s traditional bazaar to carry out this task of great significance for them. 

This shopkeeper, who owned a small business and was of great virtues and religious mentality, accepted this great responsibility and took some memorable photos from Imam and also printed his statements.

Sometimes later, the shopkeeper along with his four sons was detained by the Iraqi Baathi regime forces and was imprisoned, tortured and killed.

It shows how pious people rendered their sacrifices in order to contribute to victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

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