Spring came to remove the grief from the heart, but the grief intense became,

What can I say, on the grief of the smiling-sypress that we, sore-hearted became,

The group of the lovers packed up the litters and virtous became,

You know to us, the left-behind ones, in between, what became.

The flower due to the diunion of nightingale, and the nightingale from the separation of the flower, often,

On the side of the garden each one by its own love fascinated became.

The zephyr took up the veil from the visage of our beloved,

Like me whoever glanced at her mad became,

The spring came and removed the coldness and witheredfrom the garden,

Through the presence of the sun the garden green, warm and colourful became,

The spring came the rose-cheeked spring came,

Tell the wine-imbibing lovers that hangover from the scene expelled became.

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