Imam Khomeini resembles Yalda night with spiritual awakening

Imam Khomeini resembles Yalda night with spiritual awakening

Imam Khomeini in his historic messages and speeches has resembled the Yalda night, an incident Persian festival with deep spiritual concepts.

For an instance, Imam Khomeini once said that spiritual and clergymen who have sacrificed their lives for divine purpose and gained martyrdom remain like night of Yalda which is symbol of wisdom, victory of good forces over evil and the prevailing of light over darkness.

Imam explains that someones who were plunged into sins in the beginning part of the night, but they were guided and purified at the dawn, which gives good tidings of light.

According to Imam, In the same manner, the spiritual men gain spiritual prosperity and will be felicitous and blessed in the life hereafter as well.

For Iranians, all around the world, it’s different, because they have celebrated one of their most important nights of the year: Yalda night or Shab e Chelleh.

Yalda means birth. Yalda night is a beautiful ancient Iranian celebration. Iranians are celebrating the longest and darkest night of the year or winter solstice.

 This night is on 20 to 21 December according to the Georgian calendar. 

 According to the Iranian calendar, Yalda night is the last evening of the autumn day or “the night opening the initial forty-day period of the three-month winter”.

Ancient Persians believed that evil forces were dominant on the longest night of the year and that the next day belonged to the Lord of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda.

This night has been used in many Iranian poems to describe a dark night in which one gets separated from a loved one, creating loneliness and waiting.

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