Principles of Imam Khomeini's ideals and political thought

Principles of Imam Khomeini's ideals and political thought

Imam Khomeini is exception among Muslim scholars as he succeeded in bringing about a revolution and establishing the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thus, it is necessary to delve into his ideas and examine his political thought for various reasons.

 Moreover, in order to keep the record of such a movement in the history, it is necessary to work out the ideas of a Mujtahid who, in the light of the Islamic teachings, could initiate a movement which led to the establishment of an Islamic system and he himself shouldered the leadership of the state for ten years.

Works and efforts are required to elucidate the general principles of Imam Khomeini's political thought. Although there have been a few works on his life, writings, movement, his sayings and speeches, hardly any serious book, has so far appeared on Imam Khomeini's political thought.

The teachings of Islam encompass all aspects of human life . Through establishing a just government, Muslims can bring about social justice. Therefore, it can be inferred that Islamic politics, while taking into account all physical and spiritual dimensions of man, is meant to guide man towards perfection.

According to Imam Khomeini, such politics that aims at leading people towards God and achieving their happiness has been implemented by the Prophets, and their followers.

Imam Khomeini advocates such politics and opposes certain narrow-minded people who reduce Islam into its rituals and moral precepts. 

Imam Khomeini is of the view that politics can benefit from religious rules, likewise, religious rules are also linked with politics. In this regard he says:

Saying we have nothing to do with politics, is tantamount to keeping Islam in isolation. Swear by God, Islam in all its aspects deals with politics. Islam has been in fact misinterpreted.” 

It seems that Mudarris, the renown Iranian scholar shares the same views with Imam Khomeini .He says, “Our politics is our religion and our religion is our politics.”

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